5 Tips to Help you Get Promoted Now

If you’re gunning for that next step in the corporate ladder and think that it’s all about the numbers, you need to reconsider your strategies and read these tips now.

1. Identify your targets/goals and make sure you meet them.
2. If no measurable goal has been identified yet, collaborate with your superior to regularly identify short and long term goals.
3. Whenever you hit a target, always go back to your superior to let them know and ask for more.

Because bullshit can get you up there but only real results from your hardwork and discipline can you you keep you in your desired position. Now forget about politicizing your way into promotion and get real results in.

1. Do something others don’t normally do.
2. Volunteer extra hours or attempt to solve a problem no one ever tried or cared about.
3. Focus on how the company can benefit from your extra mile. Your brand will naturally follow.

If you’re part of the bandwagon, hardly anyone will notice you; including the hiring manager.

1. Volunteer to do your boss’ job.
2. Ask your superiors to teach you the tools and responsibilities they’re doing and tell them you can do it for them because you’re eager to learn.
3. Learn the tools and procedures of other groups that are relevant to your boss’ role.

1. It’s easier to promote someone who already knows the job.
2. Exposure counts.

1. Do not engage in office gossip.
2. If you have nothing nice to say, stay silent.
3. Do what you said and reach your targets.
4. Engage in positive talk.
5. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile to help others even if it doesn’t directly benefit your scorecards. Good relationships is a benefit in itself.

1. The vibes you create will influence how people will think of you when they’re not looking at your scorecards.
2. Everybody likes a positive and empowering professional.

Empower others.

1. Share your tips strategically.
2. Help others especially those in your team achieve a higher performance.

If you’re producing results and are viewed as capable of replicating your performance, you create an impression of being more useful because you can help others produce the same numbers as you personally can.

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